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Raze 3

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Raze 3Raze 3 is a shooting game where you play as the captain of last squad of soldiers who must defend earth against alien attacks. In this game you will have to complete a rather difficult campaign mode, which consists of different tasks and quests, deathmatch mode and steal the flag mode are among them. The aliens are rather skillful players, so you will need all your skills to achieve success. The variety of weapons in Raze 3 game is rather big - you can get either sniper rifle to kill enemies from large distances or rocket launcher to kill several enemies at a time. As soon as you complete the campaign, you will unlock another one, where you are going to play as alien leader who must conquer earth. Enjoy the full version of Raze 3 game.
Move - [W][A][S][D] or Arrow Keys
Jump - [Space
Aiming/Shooting - [Mouse]
Switch Weapons - [Q]/[E] or [Shift]/[Enter
Select specific weapon - [1][2][3][4][5][6]
Use - [F]/[Ctrl]
Pause - [Esc]/[P]