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Strike Force Heroes 2 Unblocked

[Total: 1460    Average: 4.7/5]

sfh2_sniper-300x225The story of Strike Force Heroes 2 game begins with a few astronauts who are in space. They have a simple mission - repair the generator. Your character is sent to do this job, but during this, an unknown force raise. The warfare begins - the only way to stop the invaders is now to kill them all. Strike Force Heroes 2 has a really interesting storyline as well as the gameplay itself. There are a lot of different weapons in the game that you can use to kill the invaders, you can also use special tools and perks like grenades and shield protection, but the most interesting thing in this game is variety of characters. There are 5 different soldier type in this game, at the beginning you must make a decision which one to take. Be careful because they differ from each other not only by how they look. They have different attack and defense skills, some of them are stronger in a close range battle, while others, like Sniper can hit an enemy from a long distance. Even though that the third version of the game is already available, I love playing Strike Force Heroes 2 Unblocked At School. Hope you will enjoy it too. Have some fun.